Scuola dell’infanzia
bilingue paritaria a Firenze

Let's try and see through a kid's eyes

Being a parent is rarely an easy job, but taking care of your child is what makes us feel good as human beings above anything else. Kids are not a project with a specific path which brings to specific goals; in fact kids are purely creative, imaginative, inventive and joyous by nature.

As long as they'll find a friendly atmosphere around them, full of love aimed at helping them growing in harmony developing their inner selves and reaching their full autonomy, they'll always be ready to face with tranquility any future challenge they might stumble upon using what they've learnt. Here at Emmer School teahers are adults watching kids with passion and professionalism, setting themselves as the guides through their growth path.

Mother tongue teachers

Our school expects two classes of 22 kids circa with various ages (between 30 and 60 months), with the presence of two teachers at the same time, one of which is an english mother tongue. A ratio of one teacher per eleven children for each activity (also in english). di circa ventidue bambini di età eterogenee – dai trenta mesi ai sei anni – con due insegnanti in compresenza di cui una madrelingua inglese. Un rapporto fisso di un’insegnante ogni undici bambini per tutte le attività anche in inglese.

Mother tongue teacher's approach is aimed at Emmer School's method in all its aspects, with a specific aim at a kid's mental flexibilty and multitasking skills. All teachers establish a relationship of affection with all children, aimed at stimulating a kid's motivation to use a second language.

How Emmer School was born

  • It came from the desire to enrich our city with a place dedicated to children and their families
  • It came from the will to offer children a place where to find stimulating new proposals
  • It came from the zest to investon infants' culture via a serious and motivated approach
  • It came from the ideal of a competent and smart child sure to have a natural impulse in them, a curiosity pushing him to learn.
  • It came from the desire to build a school capable of focusing on its children, on their needs and on their capabilities.
  • It came from the need to build a school where experience preceeds knowledge whilst remaining deeply connected to it.
  • It came with a bilingual project aligned with modern theories aimed at providing the child with a plastic and absorbing smartness since early age